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  • Greetings Region 2! I am back home and in some sor...
    12:00am Jan 1
    Greetings Region 2!
    I am back home and in some sort of "living/active" shape and wanted to send out a quick message with a few announcements.

    1. I want to thank all of the organizers of our Summit in Madison, AL. It was an incredible success and all of your hard work is the reason for it. Thank you SO much, everyone!

    2. For those that haven't watched the video(s) posted, the next Region 2 Summit will be hosted by the members of the USS Republic and will be run concurrently with Treklanta, Memorial Day Weekend May 24-26, 2019. More to come on this announcement as the year progresses!

    3. Our award winners for the 2017 calendar year (again, if you haven't watched the video) were:
    Most Original Recruitment Activity - USS Appalachia
    Charitable Activity of the Year - USS Haise
    Recruiter Award - USS Appalachia
    Social Activity of the Year - USS Appalachia
    Social Media Award - Scott Crawford (Haise)
    OCP Award - USS DaVinci
    Shakedown Chapter of the Year - USS Appalachia
    Support Chapter of the Year - USS Dejah Thoris
    Junior Member of the Year - Deanna Joy (Neptune)
    Enlisted Member of the Year - Nick Esslinger (WvB)
    Officer of the Year - Clay Bartunek (Haise)
    Flag Officer of the Year - DJ O'Brien (Harry Mudd)
    CO of the Year - MarkAdam Miller (Hephaestus)
    Ship of the Year - USS Haise

    Congratulations to all of our award winners!

    4. Finally, for about a year and a half, Bryan Teske has operated as the Zone 3 Coordinator both because he was looking for a volunteer position and (frankly), I couldn't garner any interest from within the zone. That being said, Bryan has been training his "heir" to replace him and I am pleased to announce that the CO of the USS Appalachia, Lee Johnson, has gladly accepted the position of Z3 Coordinator after Bryan stepped aside. Bryan will continue to serve the Region is various other capacities but wanted to see the Zone have a representative that actually lived within the Zone. Please, all of you welcome Lee to the team!

    On and Ever Upward!
  • Greetings Region 2, I just wanted to pop in for a ...
    12:00am Jan 1
    Greetings Region 2,
    I just wanted to pop in for a moment and say: I don't know how many (if any) of you are on the members only page but I don't recommend it. The ripples from that page will not have any effect on how we operate here in Region 2. I don't want to bring unnecessary drama here and much of it very much is. I hope you are all well. On and Ever Upward!