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  1. 12:00am Jan 1
    Congrats to our R2 members who won Awards at IC! Bruce Dolan - CO of the year. USS Harry Mudd - Chapter of the Year. Anvil (USS Hephaestus) - Newsletter of the Year printed. Flag Officer of the Year - Ryan Case. Lifetime Membership Award - Linda Olson.
  2. 12:00am Jan 1
    Region 2 Summit March 9-11, 2018 in Madison, Al. Mark your calendars. Website coming soon.
  3. 12:00am Jan 1
    Hi all. Someone mentioned to me a haunted tour on Thursday night of IC.... is this still happening? Feel free to msg me privately if you like.
  4. 12:00am Jan 1
    Something to think about before leaving town...
  5. 12:00am Jan 1
    What are you doing Thursday if you in New Orleans? We have a suggestion.
  6. 12:00am Jan 1
    Good evening STARFLEET. I would like to say its been a awesome time in membership processing.
    This is end of July Status report.
    For June we had 495 new or renewing members. So we sent 495 Domestic Packets and 40 International packets as well.
    July we have 502 new or renewing members, with a total of 48 hard copy request to be mailed out 15 Membership Handbook.
    The online Ecerts thru Data Base will be announced at IC2017 by Commodore Tony Knopes Chief of Comp Ops.
    Help Desk Membership Specialist has answered about 80 Help Desk tickets ( Which usually answered with in about 72 hours. She has also Answered more then a 2 dozen emails and Face Book messages.
    I do ask please be patient as me and my team continues to serve the Fleet and let us get your stuff out as soon as we can.
    The April Packets are being done by Admiral Dan Toole VCS and he will be starting May after that is done.
    If you have issues or questions please put in a help desk ticket and we will get you taken care.
    I do want to give out a big shout out to everyone on my team and others who have busted there tails on helping continue to serve STARFLEET. Ron Seay Susan Seay Andrea Dee and others who have helped out with either answering questions or helping me feel my way thru. Dan Toole Robert Westfall Linda Olson Richard Sams Tony Knopes
    Thanks to each of you for your help on making Membership Processing Continue to lead in to the 21st Century.
    Brig General Steve Parmley
    USS Constellation CO
    Membership Processing Dir.
    SFI Deputy IG
  7. 12:00am Jan 1
    Star Trek World's Collide Region 2 Summit is March 9 -12. Keep your eye out for the website soon and get your tickets early. We are planning to Trek the city of Madison, AL. like it has never been Trekked before.