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  1. 12:00am Jan 1
    Greetings Region 2, Sending Best wishes from all on USS Cuchulain in Dublin R20. Just dropping in with the remainder of our Star Trek TNG 30th anniversary Cuchulaincast episodes as a playlist, you may have already heard and viewed the first one, so please do enjoy the rest. LLAP
  2. 12:00am Jan 1
    Not-A-Con Oct 28th ColumbusMakesIT. Tickets are free. Vending is free... Snag your tickets off Eventbrite!
  3. 12:00am Jan 1
    CQ Newsletter #192 link - for anyone who does not get SFI Email list. If you are renewing soon, please be sure to read page 20 by Membership Processing.
  4. 12:00am Jan 1
    The USS Wernher von Braun has updated its events for the rest of the year on Facebook. Fall is a busy convention season for Huntsville, AL. I wanted to give you a heads up that these events were going on. Hope to have some of you attend them if you're able. Peace, and long life. 🖖

    October 7-8: WvB at Geek Gathering
    October 12-15: WvB at ConStellation
    October 22: WvB on the Scarecrow Trail
    November 11: WvB at HamaCon MiniCon
    November 19: WvB Fall Picnic
    December 8: WvB Galaxy of Lights Tour
    December 30: WvB 25th Anniversary Discovery Celebration

    Unfortunately, FB is being difficult by not letting me link that last event, and it's the most important! We'll be celebrating our 25th Anniversary, and the festivities will last all year. We're boldly going better than ever!
  5. 12:00am Jan 1
    This was so much fun! I was on Geekvolution last night discussing Star Trek Discovery! Thanks to Jaymes Logan Williamson and the rest of the Geekvolution team for doing this1

    #startrek #geekvolution #startrekdiscovery #scifi #youtube
  6. 12:00am Jan 1
    Puerto Rico and our fellow STARFLEET members in the USS San Juan are in desperate need of assistance after Hurricane Maria. The USS Neptune will be taking up donations of relief items at CONtraflow on October 6,7, and 8th at the Artemis station in the electronic gaming room.

    Some ideas for items are:
    - Diapers
    - Baby wipes
    - Baby food (in plastic containers)
    - Cleaners
    - Bleach
    - Paper towels
    - Toilet paper
    - Scrub brushes
    - Canned or shelf stable foods
    - Flashlights or battery operated lighting
    - Batteries
    - Tools
    - Ladies' sanitary items
    - Deodorant
    - Shampoo
    - Soap

    Many have lost everything, so anything you can donate helps. If you cannot make it to CONtraflow, please message me, and I'll see if we can work something out.
  7. 12:00am Jan 1
    Unit reports are due on the first of the reporting month.
    Batallion reports are due in the 7th...
    Thanks everyone for staying sharp on this.