How to use the Region 2 Chat system.

We are implementing a new chat system for Region 2 and we will no longer be using the IRC chat.

TO join the meeting there are a few options.  One you can call in on the phone.  Call  the toll number 701-801-1220 and enter meeting code 835-898-677.  (Very important, this is a toll number and if you don’t have free long distance you will be charged for a long distance call) You have been warned.  The other way you can get access to the meeting is to use your computer.  You can download the software needed at this link, download or if the link doesn’t work type this in your browser.  If your computer has a mic and speakers you can interact just like you are on the phone.  If you device doesn’t a mic but has speakers, you can listen and use the chat function to type your questions or answers.  If your computer doesn’t have speakers you will not be able to hear the conservation, the chat function will work but you will not be able to hear what is happening. 

Once you have downloaded, installed and launched the software you will get the following screen. 

Click the Join button and you will get this screen.

Enter your name, email if you want and meeting ID number.  If you want hte software to remember the meeting number check the Remember me on this comouter.

Once you are logged in you will get this screen.

You can turn off, on and adjust your computer using the  MIC and Speakers button.

You can also use the chat area to type messaged if your computer doesn’t have a MIC.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Admiral Mark Anderson