Bid Guidelines


The Summit Bid Guidelines are available in Adobe Portable Document Format (9K PDF). Contact the R2 Chief of Summit at if you wish to make sure you have the latest version.


Region 02 Summit Bid Guidelines – Revised July 2003:


In order to host the Regional Summit, all bids need to be postmarked to the Region 02 Chief of Summit prior to September 1, in the prior year to the awarded Summit. For example, the bids for the 2006 Summit must be postmarked by September 2004.


The mailing address for the current Region 02 Chief of Summit is:


Ryan Case
307 Alder Cove
Pearl, MS 339208


1. Bids


Bids will be solicited from any Region 02 Ship that would like to host STARFLEET Region 02’s Annual Summit. This is a working conference for all Region 02 staff and ships. If no viable bids are received (see Section 4 for a schedule of the Zones for Summits), the bidding will be opened to any chapter. Bids need to include ALL of the following information:


  • Dates and location of the conference. Target date should be either the first or second weekend in March. Other weekends will be considered if submitted with reasonable justification.
  • Commitment letter or proposed contract from host hotel indicating that the conference dates are “penciled in” until November 1 of the year prior to the Summit.
  • Flyers or brochures outlining/picturing the hotel facilities.
  • Meeting room breakdown/chart.
  • Banquet/catering menu package.
  • Signed commitment letter from Host Committee and name/contact information of Committee Chair.
  • Transportation information such as airport connections.
  • Other information deemed necessary, such as details of the locality.


2. Awarding of Bids


The Bids will be studied and discussed between the Region 02 Chief of Summit and the Region 02 Regional Coordinator. Specific Bid Hotel will be contacted to discuss various contracts, proposed meetings, dates, etc. to confirm the Bid information supplied. The Bid that is selected will be the one that best reflects the affordability/functionality that a Summit requires.


3. Conference Dates


The Summit should take place on either the first or second weekend in March. This date is so it does NOT conflict with other regional summits that take place around STARFLEET. This date can be moved if proper justification is submitted (such as price breaks, significant meeting space reductions, etc…)


4. Conference Host


The Summit rotates amongst the 5 Zones in the Region. If a Zone does NOT have a viable chapter in their Zone, then that year’s Summit bidding is then made an open bidding period and any ship in the Region may then bid on that particular Summit.


The current schedule for the five Zones are:


  • 2013 Alabama
  • 2014 Mississippi
  • 2015 Carribean (Open Bids)
  • 2016 Florida
  • 2017 Georgia


5. Conference Facilities:


Approximately 30-50 overnight rooms with a low-to-average room rate. (i.e., keep the room rates down, and more people will tend to come)


Banquet room for either a sit-down or buffet-style banquet serving 100-150 people. A buffet is preferable.


Meeting Room Space Requirements:


  • Friday:
    • 1 room set up in classroom or rounds for 30-50 people
    • Location for Region 02 Staff Meeting of 10-15 people
    • Location for Hospitality Room
  • Saturday and Sunday:
    • 1 room set up in rounds for 125-150 (possibly can be broken into 2 rooms).
    • 2 rooms set up in theater for 40-60.
    • 1 to 2 room set up in classroom or rounds for 30-50.
    • The meeting space will be needed from Friday 5 p.m. till Sunday 1 p.m. The exact room requirements can be adjusted and/or modified depending on hotel set-up.
  • Hotel Facilities:
    • Handicapped rooms that meet ADA requirements.
    • Restaurant(s) on premises or within walking distance.


In years where the Fleet Admiral attends, it is customary to host a Fleet Admiral dinner on Friday Nights. This restaurant needs to be close to the Summit site, relatively inexpensive and able to handle reservations of up to about 40 people. This is not a mandatory event, but it is one that has been wildly popular for the first six summits. If a suitable restaurant is not available, don’t let this keep you from bidding!


6. Responsibilities- Region 02 Chief of Summit


It is the responsibility of the Region 02 Chief of Summit oversee the bidding and bid selection process for the Summit in conjunction with the current Region 02 Regional Coordinator. The Region 02 Chief of Summit is primarily an advisor to the Region 02 Regional Coordinator and the Host Committee, and is charged with helping remove barriers that might be hindering the management of an effective Summit.


Depending on their level of experience in running conventions and/or Summits, some host groups may require more help with the Summit planning/hosting process. In these cases, the Region 02 Chief of Summit is available to help with initiatives that the Host Committee and/or Region 02 Regional Coordinator deem necessary. This will be decided on an ‘as-need’ basis by the Region 02 Regional Coordinator, Region 02 Chief of Summit and Host Committee Chair for each Summit.


Host groups are encouraged to try new things. Don’t feel like you are not allowed to innovate! However, keep in mind that the primary purpose of the Summit is to take care of Region 02 business. As possible, it can be a recruiting event for Region 02 and the local groups, but only insofar as it doesn’t interfere with Region 02 business.


7. Responsibilities- Host Committee Chair (HCC) and Host Committee (HC).


It is the responsibility of the Host Committee Chair to oversee the running of the entire Summit. This includes all local negotiation with hotels/activities, all manpower planning and any other aspect of the local Summit planning.


The Host Committee Chair will be expected to keep in contact with the Region 02 Regional Coordinator and Region 02 Chief of Summit in a reasonable fashion and timeline. A meaningful status report of outstanding and completed items will be required, and must be maintained between the Host Committee Chair, Region 02 Regional Coordinator and Region 02 Chief of Summit.


This communication is expected to be light at first, but to increase in frequency and detail as the Summit approaches. Monthly communication is expected by at least July of the year prior to the Summit, along with scheduled ‘meetings’ either in IRC or over the telephone. More frequent meetings/reports will be expected by January leading up to the Summit.


8. Finances


All Finances are to be run through the Office of the Region 02 Regional Coordinator and/or the Region 02 Regional Treasurer. Payment of disbursements with applicable records must be maintained and forwarded to the Regional Treasury for record keeping and filing. Summit registrations will be sent to the Regional Coordinator, who will forward all payments to the Treasurer for depositing into the Region 02 Account.


9. Disagreement


Ultimately it is the Region 02 Regional Coordinator where the buck stops! Only the Region 02 Regional Coordinator is authorized to sign checks/spend money/sign contracts in the Region’s name.


The Region 02 Chief of Summit is available as resource to advise both the Host Committee and the Region 02 Regional Coordinator, and may be called upon to mediate any disagreements that may occur. If there is a disagreement between Host Committee members or any regional staff member regarding the summit, then they should discuss it with the Region 02 Chief of Summit. If no resolution can be found, then it is referred to the Region 02 Regional Coordinator.